This page is for purchasing and leasing beats created by the Producers at Trema’Flow Entertainment.

Click on the “DOWNLOAD or PURCHASE” links to either receive a FREE promotional version of the beat, or to purchase one of our leases.

Song Title Producer Name Download / Buy
Yea I Made It KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”GJWGjn” text=”Yea I Made It” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Crooked KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”hsuo” text=”Crooked” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
No Fear In My Reflection (Instrumental) B. NASTY [gumroad id=”VAeFo” text=”No Fear In My Reflection (Instrumental)” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Iono KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”PGheg” text=”Iono” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Colder KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”SrMvW” text=”Colder” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Requisition B. NASTY [gumroad id=”PuBl” text=”Requisition” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Still Here B. NASTY [gumroad id=”ZuWkf” text=”Still Here” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Drip KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”Gpnax” text=”Drip” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]
Shark Tank KJ3 BEATZ [gumroad id=”Ymhh” text=”Shark Tank” type=”overlay” wanted=”true” ]


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