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Trema’Flow Entertainment was founded by Brandon Melvin in August of 2012, with the purpose of creating a record label that would help to bridge the gap between the fans and the artists.  The name was derived of the musical term “Tremolo” with an added spin towards music today.

“Trema’Flow” is hip hop for:
“a rapid and consistent flow or stream of quality music.”



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The Trema’Flow Family strives to communicate the importance of every aspect in the entertainment industry, thus harboring the concept that each job and position matters.

The Administrative side of the label focuses on the business-related tasks, such as Management, Booking, Promotion, and Sales.  This allows our artists to be able to do what they would usually much rather prefer: The music.  The photography.  The lyrics and notes; All in all, focusing on their craft.



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The Artists of the family enjoy many benefits from working alongside the Administration of Trema’Flow Entertainment.

Some of the core values being the loyalty, support, and unity that one would expect of their own kin; we strive to embrace each artist in their own particular way.  The musicians are able to enjoy the full creative process as they craft their masterpieces, with the assured confidence that the business conducted on their behalf will be treated as a priority.